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Taking Games Preparation to Another Level

Lawn Bowls
Field Hockey

Team Canada’s experiences with the recent Delhi Commonwealth Games will have a long-lasting impact on how future Canadian teams prepare for major international multi-sport competitions.

That’s one of the core conclusions to come out of a post-Games analysis led by Commonwealth Games Canada’s (CGC) Director of Sport, Scott Stevenson.

Field Hockey – Men (classification 9th-10th position)

Fri March 24

Rhythmic gymnastics makes a return

Fri March 23

Field Hockey – Women (Classification 7-8)

Thu March 23

Canada's newest diving synchro pair makes a splash at the Commonwealth Games

Thu March 23

Team mascots sprint for bragging rights

Thu March 23

Bowlers Train Down Under

Wed March 22

Despatie wins Canada’s 400th gold medal in Commonwealth Games history

Wed March 22

Third time around at the Commonwealth Games for Grant Golding

Tuesday March 21

Making it on his own

Tue March 21


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