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Former intern named CGC’s International Internship Programs Officer

Jennie Peterson

A year ago, Jennie Petersen was in the midst of a 14-month placement in Trinidad and Tobago as part of Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC)’s innovative Capacity Support Program (see story, above). Now, the Calgary native is moving into a full-time role with CGC as its International Internship Programs Officer.

Capacity Support Program extends its reach: 15 young Canadians to go abroad in 2011-2012

In the first year, there were three who went to the Caribbean and the Americas. In the second year, five more went to Africa. And now, in the third year of Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC)’s groundbreaking Capacity Support Program (CSP), 15 talented young Canadians will be placed throughout the Commonwealth—from the Caribbean and the Americas to Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Kicking AIDS Out of the Caribbean

Francine McDonald

Francine MacDonald is a Kicking AIDS Out (KAO) Leader Level II based in Spanish Town, Jamaica. KAO, a Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) partner program, offers an innovative, high-energy approach that links sport, physical activity and traditional movement games with HIV/AIDS prevention and education. Having originated in Africa, KAO is now being used in communities around the world, and was introduced in the Caribbean in 2008 with CGC’s support for the establishment of a Caribbean office. KAO currently operates in the Caribbean countries of Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St.

CGC’s first annual IDS Game of Life Run/Walk raises over $30,000

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC)’s inaugural IDS Game of Life Run/Walk raised more than $30,000 in registration fees and donations for CGC’s International Development through Sport Unit. Almost 800 runners and walkers of all ages took part in the March 20 awareness-raising event, which was held in Toronto and Calgary in partnership with The Running Room and Mizuno Canada.

CGC Capacity Support Officer assists with Africa Zone VI Games

Duane Louis wasn’t sure what to expect when he took up his volunteer position as Technical Manager for the organizing committee of the 2010 Africa Zone VI U20 Youth Games, which took place from December 9 to 20 in Swaziland. But for Louis, who is in the midst of a year-long placement with the Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (SOCGA) on behalf of Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC), the 11-day competition was a crash course in managing multi-sport logistics on a shoestring budget.

Things to know before you go

Ellen Barwise is one of three Canadian Capacity Support Officers (CSO) who recently completed 14-month placements in the Caribbean and the Americas as part of the innovative Capacity Support Program co-funded by Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). The program is open to Canadians who have studied in sport- and health-related fields at the post-secondary level.

Successful sport development program expands throughout the Commonwealth

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) are expanding their innovative Capacity Support Program (CSP) throughout the Commonwealth.

Former CGC intern takes full-time job with host organization

Kate Cowan, who first travelled to Trinidad & Tobago as a Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) intern in 2005, is now employed with the Trinidad & Tobago Alliance for Sport and Physical Education (TTASPE) as its communications co-ordinator.

CGC intern teaches computer skills in Zambia

CGC's 'Zeus Angels' worked miracles at the Games

Ella Mawdsley and Jenny Dea were among the seven Capacity Support Program interns who travelled to Delhi on behalf of CGC to work behind the scenes at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Using their expertise in the games management software program, Zeus, they helped manage results data for all 71 countries and territories competing at the Games. Having returned to their host organizations in Lesotho and Zambia, Ella and Jenny recount their unforgettable experiences in Delhi.


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