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SportWORKS Officers assist Commonwealth Games Associations in different countries with sport administration activities ranging from programming, fundraising and communications to the implementation of the Games Management software program Zeus.

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Team 3 (2011-2012)

A - Natalie Brett
B - Jackie Snell
C - Wendy Moar
D - Ella Mawdsley
E - Jordan Thomson
F - Paddye Magill
G - Duane Louis
H - Colin Whitmee
I - Stephanie Johnson
J - Kathleen Reeves
K - Matt Hill
L - Denise Yuen
M - Jessica Wolfenden
N - Chantelle Grant
O - Kristine Deacon


ALUMNI - Team 1

A - Chantelle Grant 

B - Ellen Barwise 

C - Jennie Petersen

ALUMNI - Team 2

A - Candace Christie
B - Duane Louis
C - Ella Mawdsley
D - Jenny Dea
E - Paddye Magill