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The Sport Leaders Abroad Program
sends qualified and experienced Canadian
sport leaders (administrators, coaches, officials, etc.) to assist their counterparts in their fields/sports of expertise in countries around
the world.

Patrick Jarvis

Leader Bio:In 2003 Patrick was appointed to the 20 person Board tasked with overseeing the organization and delivery of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. He has also been a governing board member for the International Paralympic Committee since 2005. He also is the president and owner of Amarok Training Services, a company which delivers a variety of programs including competence based transfer-of-knowledge initiatives.

Placement Date:March 12-14, 2012

Placement Details: During his time working with the Jamaican National Paralympic Committee, Patrick introduced the concept of an 'environmental scan' which was quickly put to use during the meetings, especially during the marketing and sport development discussions. With London 2012 Paralympic Games on the horizon, the group explored immediate opportunities and promoted idea of taking a couple of key influencers / decision makers from the government or potential major sponsor to the Games that after the Games could act as “net promoters” of the JPA. Patrick also looked into how to diversify their revenue streams while at the same time strategizing on how to increase their current government funding.


Jamaica Paralympic Organization
Calgary, Alberta
University of Calgary B.Ed., Education
Chatting with the physiotherapists, the student therapists and especially the aspiring athletes that late afternoon, it was clear that despite the inequities in resources, they were pursuing their goals and passions. Through their efforts, they epitomize one of the principles of success which requires focusing on what you have, rather than on what you don’t have; and through it all, the joy of sport powerfully shone. My perceptions and general awareness of Paralympic sport development tuned once again, I departed the rehabilitation centre looking forward to refocusing and redoubling my efforts regarding equity, at least equity in sport participation.