SportWORKS - Making a Difference & Becoming Different

The Sport Leaders Abroad Program
sends qualified and experienced Canadian
sport leaders (administrators, coaches, officials, etc.) to assist their counterparts in their fields/sports of expertise in countries around
the world.

Philip Hochman

Leader Bio: Philip is very involved in Canadian sports and various charities. He has designed and facilitated numerous workshops for volunteer associations including N. S. Cancer Society and N. S. Diabetes Association. He was the recipient of the 'Professional Achievement Award' at the 2005 Recreation Nova Scotia Conference and also received the Honorary Life Membership Award at the 2011 Recreation Nova Scotia Conference. He has been a Facilitator for LEading Drug Free Sport, worked in Doha  with the Qatar National Olympic Committee on behalf of the Coaching Association of Canada, and was an ambassador for 'Everybody Gets to Play' in September 2005. Philip Hoffman is currently a member of CS4L Community Connections Team.

Placement Date: April 3-13, 2013

Placement Details: Philip travelled to Zambia to help to develop coaching processes, the concept of physical literacy, and fundamental movement skills to benefit the Zambian sport community, and the host organization Sport in Action. Philip worked with Sport in Action prior to his departure to identify several specific needs, which were primarily coaching instruction for coaches, teachers, and community sports leaders. He worked with sport leaders in Zambia throughout his placement to determine how the principles of physical literacy could best be developed in Zambia and set to work developing strategies on how to explain and implement these initiatives.


Sport in Action
Nova Scotia
Master of Science in Health and Physical Education
One of the most powerful lessons in life is being exposed to other cultural places, lifestyles, and values. The ability to not only see, but to understand the full implications of that particular society can fully alter one’s own perceptions, values and understanding of what life is really about. It is critical to understand the role sport can play and how sport brings people from around the world together in a common bond of shared commitment, trust, work, and hoping for a better society.