SportWORKS - Making a Difference & Becoming Different

The Sport Leaders Abroad Program
sends qualified and experienced Canadian
sport leaders (administrators, coaches, officials, etc.) to assist their counterparts in their fields/sports of expertise in countries around
the world.


Will I have input on when I travel to the host organization?

                Travel dates will depend primarily on the organization's flexibility, but your availability will also be taken into consideration.


Will I be able to chose which organization I want to contribute to?

                We will be assessing each host organization's specific areas of need and matching a sports leader with those specific skill sets and previous experiences to each organization. 


What costs am I responsible for?

                You will be responsible for covering the costs of your insurance coverage (liability, health & travel), visa (if required), and vaccinations (if required).


What costs will the CGC cover?

                CGC will cover the following expenses: Airfare, Accommodation, Per Diem & Incidentals.


Will I receive an honoraria?

                No, this is a volunteer position. The work you will be doing is pro bono, you will not receive any financial compensation.


What are my responsibilities prior to departure?

                You are responsible for arranging your own insurance coverage (liability, health & travel), visa (if required), and vaccinations (if required). You are also expected to communicate with the host organization to develop a work plan to execute while you are there, and to prepare any placement materials in advance.


What responsibilities will I have following my return to Canada?

                We require you to prepare a placement report including your perception of the impact you made, your lessons learned, and suggestions for future placements. You will also need to submit a written story (less than 500 words) on your placement, participate in a debriefing session with CGC, and be available for 6 months to follow up with any items that may arise as a results of the action plan to be implemented by the Host Organization following your departure back to Canada.