Beyond the Podium - Changing Lives Through Sport

Bowling Out AIDS is a development through sport program whose goals are to improve the game of cricket as well as improve cricket players’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours around HIV/AIDS.

Bowling out AIDS

WHAT:  Bowling Out AIDS (BOA) is a cricket based development through sport program designed to both increase cricket skills, and reduce the incidence and transmission of HIV infections. More than 240,000 people – half of them women – were estimated living with HIV in the Caribbean in 2009, making it the second-most affected region in the world after sub-Saharan Africa.

HOW:  The centrepiece of the program is a set of ‘Coach Cards’ with the dual goal of developing the game of cricket and improving young cricket players’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors around HIV/AIDS. CGC provides training workshop to coaches, youth leaders and teachers in the use of the coach cards. Each card is targeted to specific age groups: One side describes a specific cricket skill, along with associated teaching points and drills that can be used to improve that skill; the flip side focuses on teaching a skill that's relevant both to cricket playing and staying healthy.

WHO:  Designed for Caribbean youth 9-19 years (the materials are organized for the following age groups: 9-12, 12-16, and 16-19) and delivered by trained coaches, youth leaders and teachers, the Bowling Out AIDS program is breaking new ground in the battle against HIV/AIDS.  

IMPACT:  To date Commonwealth Games Canada has trained 338 coaches and/or youth leaders in 7 countries (Commonwealth of Dominica, Saint Lucia, Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados, Antigua and Turks and Caicos).reaching over 32,000 young cricket players, 80% and 60% of whom report being more aware and changed thier behaviours, respectively, about HIV / AIDS prevention.