SportWORKS - Making a Difference & Becoming Different

The Sport Leaders Abroad Program
sends qualified and experienced Canadian
sport leaders (administrators, coaches, officials, etc.) to assist their counterparts in their fields/sports of expertise in countries around
the world.

Florence Rousseau

Leader Bio: Florence Rousseau is an innovative Marketing with a track record of successfully developing and implementing branding strategies for start-up and high-growth organizations. She recently worked on re-branding the Foreign Business line for the Royal Canadian Mint. In 2012 she established TADAH!, which focuses on Marketing and Branding strategies as well as non-financial retirement solutions.

Placement Date: April 20-30,2013

Placement Details: Florence'splacement was with Kicking AIDS Out! (KAO) in South Africa. The fundamental basis for KAO was to use movement games to help share HIV/AIDS information with the youth of Southern Africa. However, as the concept grew and KAO’s network of countries and partners expanded, the model had now gone well past that of HIV/AIDS education to one of helping the country’s youth develop essential life skills. The objective for Florence's time with KAO was to help them establish a new comprehensive marketing and branding strategy that would encompass their new and revised mission statement.

Kicking AIDS Out
Cardinal, Ontario
Ryerson Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Technology – Graphics Communications Management
Being asked by the CGC to be a SportWORKS representative was an honour. SportWORKS’ work placement program of sending topic-specific Canadian experts to developing Commonwealth countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and Oceania is wonderful. As the expert it was not only fantastic to be able to donate my knowledge, but in return I really learned about selflessness.